Shooting the Amazing Apple Store Singapore Staircases

Thousands flocked to the newly opened Apple Store along Orchard Road, Singapore, this weekend. It has been under wraps for over a year and the unveiling was of course hotly anticipated. Visitors from around the region descend upon the iconic attraction like as if it’s  a national tourism event and it is.

The first in South East Asia, spanning nearly the entire building that used to house venerable brand’s like Brooks Brothers, True Gym and more (yep they got kicked out), the spot quickly cements itself as a hot instagrammable place.  Try #appleorchardroad on Instagram.

I will share some ideas and angles to shoot the great staircases in this post.

The hand-crafted Apple Store Staircases.

Of course, the store in totality is a piece of art.   Just like their meticulous products, Apple spares no effort in designing the dream experience.  However, if you will to select one subject only, then it has to be the staircases on either side of the store.

You can’t miss them. Be sure to cover the pair. They are designed by non other than Foster and Partners, hand carved in Italy from Castagna stones, fused to smooth asymmetric flowing lines leading to the mezzanine level.  Yes, as Foster and Partners say, it is true “homage to craftsmanship and materiality”.  Touch it!

They are identical and surely meant to be presented as a pair.  The above is the right one which was shot on mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 standard lens).


Camera settings should be auto WB with at least a 28mm lens or wider. A smartphone will do well. As the lighting is bright, there is no problem hand holding.  But of course if you can convince them to allow for a tripod, a long exposure won’t do any harm.

The staircase on the right.


As in architectural photos, inclusion of some human presence allows a scale reference. There is really no need to bring your own model if you are patient.  The store is almost always filled with people most of the time.

So, there you have it.  A short post to get you ready for some beautiful pictures to your portfolio in downtown Orchard Road!

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