DJI OSMO MOBILE 2: The Best Case!

I have finally done up a video on the dji OSMO Mobile 2 (OSM2). Oh, not about the gimbal which by now is a favourite of many.  It is about the CASE.  Yes, and why not.

The dji OSM2 is a marvel that I like very much. But guess what?  Dji screwed up just like other big companies including Apple. They cant market the accessories at the same time as the main product. Why companies make this crappy mistake all the time baffles me.

So I looked high and low in my favourite accessory category for some solutions that not only will carry the gimbal but other likely items. Such as a mic, battery, phone, cables, mini tripod etc. It has to be solid, light and portable. I must be able to wear it across body as well as waist. It must have excellent price to value ratio meaning it has many usage, high resale value and easily customizable.

Here you go.

After a long process, I narrowed the possibilities down to one.  The Think Tank Skin, POP DOWN 75 but Version 2.0.

Head on down to this video and see for yourself!  Hope you like it and you may also buy the case and OSM2 here on Amazon cheaply with the link here:

You can also check out the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 here !

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