Probably the best thing is still made in England

How does one review a flagship product of a renowned heritage company that has no near peers? Or how does one express a veritable opinion without sounding boyish?

And then, how can one say anything if there is nothing to be re-said for something so biased for in the industry.

That is the dilemma of doing this video of the Billingham Eventer.  It is the company’s flagship messenger which is their second most expensive product (the other being a totally different product category). It also hasn’t changed in any significant form since decades ago.  For anyone who has one seldom say much about it, perhaps for fear of being mistaken as a show-off or vainglorious owner. Or worse, maybe as both.

And for this reason, I haven’t yet seen a video of this bag. Thus, it propels me to do this little moving portrait for us.

Nothing is said in the video. For reasons implied earlier, don’t expect any pros and cons (is there? LOL).

I hope you enjoy it for what it is worth.  Nothing spectacular on the pictures or edits.

Just that damned bag made in England.

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