What is the best travel camera?

This is a brief video on how the Fuji X100Series perform as a travel camera. The current model is X100F with even more megapixel resolution and longer battery life. Pictures here were taken with the X100T. (Check out the X100F https://amzn.to/2LFgPNI )

Travelling means light and compact gear. The Fuji X100F performs wonderfully being a single sharp lens of 35mm and is solidly built. The battery is encased and insulated to professional standards. So when these pictures were taken at near to freezing point, the camera works normally. As a comparison, my other SONY A7 battery died out more often due to inferior insulation to cold. As you can see, the shadows, highlights and sharpness of the Fuji X100 series really impresses. It reminds you that it is not how big, heavy or expensive your gear is that makes you good photos. Indeed, it is knowing how to use a good camera to its best potential.

I highly recommend the X100 series of Fuji cameras for travelling. One lens is often all we need. With good solid quality of built and great colors, the rest is art. This is even more true for ladies looking to buy a light and capable camera. I highly recommend it to you! To check out the prices and buy, click on these links to Amazon for X100F https://amzn.to/2LFgPNI Subscribe to my Instagram.com/edphi and this channel for more videos and pictures. Music rights and credit: Janice “Every Morning” – love it! https://amzn.to/2srH4yn

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